Project starters


Basic CapacitorJS

A simple template for building native wrappers with CapiacitorJS. By phasereditor2d.

Basic JavaScript

The simplest template, with JavaScript. By phasereditor2d.

Basic TypeScript

The simplest template, with TypeScript. By phasereditor2d.

Basic Custom Web Fonts

A template for loading webfonts into the game & the editor. By phasereditor2d.

Spine Starter

A project template for the official Spine-Phaser runtime. By phasereditor2d.

Webpack TypeScript

The template for real games. Webpack & TypeScript. By phasereditor2d.



A day in the beach

A point-and-click game. With an advanced configuration. By phasereditor2d.

Flappy Chicken

A cute flappy chicken demo. Made with script nodes. By phasereditor2d.

Sunny land

A platformer based on a Tiled map, and Arcade physics. By phasereditor2d.


A platformer fully designed with the Scene Editor. By phasereditor2d.

Script Libraries

Arcade Physics Scripts

Arcade physics scripts. By phasereditor2d.

Audio Scripts

Audio playback scripts. By phasereditor2d.

Core Scripts

The common scripts for all Phaser Editor 2D projects. By phasereditor2d.

Simple Animations Scripts

Scripts for adding simple animations and effects. By phasereditor2d.

Timer Scripts

Repeat or delay actions. By phasereditor2d.



Emanuele Feronato blog

The Emanuele Feronato website. By emanuele-feronato.

GameDev Academy

Explore Free Phaser 2 & 3 Tutorials By zenva-academy.

Playful game development. By ourcade.

Desktop and Mobile HTML5 game framework. By phaser.

Zenva Academy

Learn. Code. Succeed. By zenva-academy.



RoundedRectangleGraphics Game Object

Adds RoundedRectangleGraphics game object support to Phaser Editor 2D. By phasereditor2d.



Rex Phaser 3 Plugins

A library with handy Phaser 3 plugins. By rexrainbow.